Delivery Boy

Welcome to SHOP360. The online shopping platform for all of your office supplies. We help businesses around UAE to shop office supplies with the help of fingertips without even stepping out of office.

Shop360 literally Saves Business’s Time, effort & Money at the same time

The Concept

Buying supplies for the office is the biggest nightmare of every office assistants. Every time they go for office supply shopping chances are high that they miss out on any of the items in the list. So, they end up wasting time, effort and double work

This is what made us think about an online platform for the Office Supply Shopping. While sitting on the chair and sipping your coffee, you can shop any office supply items through SHOP360 website or mobile app.

Why SHOP360

For most of businesses office Supply runs out of stock every alternate day, if not bought in heavy bulk quantity. And buying in bulk quantity is not an option for many businesses. That’s where SHOP360 comes in picture.